FIT Automation Fair


On February 24, 2018, we attended the FIT Automation Fair in Izmir, Turkey and want to share with you our impressions.
The range of exhibition companies has given visitors a unique look at the latest technology in the industry. This event really consolidated its position as an important for the region, attracting thousands of technology professionals from industrial giants, small and medium enterprises and new enterprises. Experts in the field of science and manufacturing provide an idea of what the industry may look like in the future, and what decisions are going to enter the market.

The main directions of the exhibition are described below, we also add some photos and several videos with the most interesting exhibits :)



• Mounting & Conveying Systems Linear Positioning Systems  • Industrial Image Processing Systems  Control Systems, PLC, Scada  • Sensor And Motion Systems  • Industrial PCs  • Communication, Networks and Field Bus Systems  • Embedded Systems  • Measuring And Testing Systems  • Industrial Automatic Information Capture And Identification Systems  • Industrial IT and Software  • Laser Technologi  • Industrial Building Automation Systems  • Robot Technologies  • Automation Services



• Electrical Energy Production Systems, Combustion Machinery, Renewable Energy  • Transformers, Accumulators and UPSs  • Electric Motors, Frequency Inverters, Motor Drivers  • Gears And Mechanical Drive Systems  • Cables and Equipment for Electric Power Transmission  • Switchgears for Electric Energy Distribution  • Electrical and Opto Electronic Components  • Energy Quality Products  • Electrical And Electronic Test And Measuring Instruments  • Lighting Equipment  • Electrical Energy & Engineering Services  • Circuit board close-up picture. Blue industrial background



• Oily Hydraulic Systems And Elements  • Hydraulic Hydraulic Systems And Elements  • Hydraulic And Pneumatic Services



 • Manufacturing Machines for Metal, Plastic Technologies   •  Tool, Lathes   •  Manufacturing Industry   •  Metal Industry   •  Special and Non-Metal Processing Machines   •  Machine Parts   • Hand tools   • Factory and Workshop Equipment   •  Compressed Air Systems    • Business Safety Equipment   • Industrial Materials   • Services for Machines   • Laser cutting 



• Access Control Systems  • CCTV IP (Closed Circuit Television Systems)  • Fire Safety and Warning Systems  • Emergency Exit Systems  • Structured Cabling  • Intercom Systems  • Video and Audio Systems  • Satellite Broadcasting Systems  • Lighting Automation  • Mechanical Automation  • Data Communication Monitoring and Control Systems  • Energy Monitoring Systems​


Alp Mühendislik (Robot Garson/Barmen) 

One of the greatest impressions left us Robot Chief Sawyer, as he became the most hospitable in the whole exhibition, treated us different kinds of drinks for which we want to thank him and Alp Muhendislik team for demonstrating their professionalism, potential in such an easy and interesting way even for children.



UNIROB Robotics&Automation

Unirob creates exclusive solutions catered companys individual needs in a way that reduce downtime and improve function and the end product. UNIROB is well versed in flexible robotic applications, specific machines, conveyor tech, spot welding, insert gas welding, material transportation, loading and unloading of packaging on pallets and onsite production.



Stäubli Robotics

Stäubli Robotics can meet the needs of any industry. Wherever speed, precision and reliability are critical, Stäubli robots offer the right solution. Stäubli develops  specific robotics solutions for the most stringent requirements. They are working with automotive, food, healthcare-life sciences, metal -machine tools, plastics, semiconductors-cleanrooms, solar- photovoltaics sectors.




FANUC America Corporation 

FANUC America Corporation is the leading supplier of robotic automation. With payload capabilities ranging from 0.5kg to 2,300kg their robots are ideal for a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, education, food, metal fabrication, medical, pharmaceutical, solar panel, and more. For optimal application customization, they also offer simulation packages, application software, controls and integrated iRVision products.