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World Trade Council (Dünya Ticareti İş Geliştirme Konseyi)

      24 of March Biocat Engennering took part in World Trade Council (Dünya Ticareti İş Geliştirme Konseyi) was held in Istanbul. We would like to thank the Feyman TV for the invitation to such a wonderful event.

     Corporate companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals represented their activity.   Representatives of each company talked about the problems they faced with, methods of their solving, gave each other an advices of managerial and financial nature.  It was extremely interesting to listen about every business....from business as a start-ups to already mature large companies. Every business it is a unique story..with its beginning, developing, methods, mistakes, pros / cons, ups / downs. All members of the conference - it's like-minded, who had to overcome the similar way. All of us have a certain unique set of skills, knowledge and experience. And it’s so good that we got a possibility to share it.

  During the event our founder Can Hakan Vermezoglu answered Feyman TV team's few questions.

Goncagul Feyman:  Hello, Mr. Can. How are you?


Can Hakan Vermezoglu:  Hello, Ms. Goncagul. I'm fine, thank you. How are you?


Goncagul Feyman: Me too. Thank you. How do you find our event?


Can Hakan Vermezoglu:  Thank you for inviting us to be here today. It is extremely pleasant to be a guest of such an event. I like the organization, the speakers, topics that are being discussed ... as well as the sweeties ... the macarons are something incredible :)


Goncagul Feyman: (Loughing)...It's good that you like. Let's talk a little about your bussines, your activity. I remember from our last meeting that you are doing mechanical engineering services. How it's going  right now?


Can Hakan Vermezoglu:(smiling) ...right now.. not as easy as we would like.  Now in Biocat, it's time of changes, thank God changes for better. But in order to get anywhere new in life, you have to leave first – you have to step out of your comfort zone...and it's not easy.


Goncagul Feyman: yes, you are right. If it's not a secret, what changes  are you talking about?


Can Hakan Vermezoglu:  (Loughing) ...Of course... I don't have any secrets from you... if briefly we are in search of new horizons, but already on the European market.


Goncagul Feyman: ohhhh...I'm happy for you and my congratulation. I hope it's going well.


Can Hakan Vermezoglu: Yes, actually not bad... now we are in the negotiations with the company from Germany, also in April I'll have a meeting in Italy...slowly but we are moving forward)


Goncagul Feyman: very thank you for the conversation and wish prosperity to you  and your company and realizing all your plans.


Can Hakan Vermezoglu: Thank you a lot for so nice wishes.


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